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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Memberships are available?
  2. Why should I join as a Professional Member?
  3. What is offered to the Professional Member?
  4. What is offered to the Listing Member?
  5. How can I increase my chances of being found in the search results?
  6. Why is Notary-Services the Best Nationwide Directory?
  7. Can anyone search for a notary or signing agent on your web site?
  8. What is a "Signing Agent"?
  9. What is a "Notary Signing Agent"?
  10. What is a "Certified Notary Signing Agent"?
  11. Who should get the “Notary Public Background Check"?
  12. What is a "Closing Agent"?
  13. What Business Ethics should be followed by notaries and signing agents?
  14. What is a Signing or Closing Company?
  15. What is available to me at the Notary Learning Center web sites?
  16. What are the business opportunities for notaries and signing agents?
  17. Why should I purchase and use the software program "NotaryAssist®"?

What Memberships are available?

  • Professional Memberships are available in 1 year membership term. This membership has the most to offer and the benefits are designed for the professional.
  • Complimentary Listing Memberships are available in 1 year membership term. You get the same basic web page design as the professional member but you have no extra benefits offered.

Why should I join as a Professional Member?

For your investment we give you a web page with your personal information, including links to your existing e-mail and/or web site.

  • Free photograph or graphic of your choice on your web page.
  • Free duplication of your web page in 5 additional cities.
  • Free unique Notary-Services web address (example: suitable for use in marketing and posting in other directory listings, forums, email signatures, etc.
The best way to look at your investment is to divide your Professional Membership fee of $55.00 by 365 days. This actually costs you LESS THAN 15 cents per day. We don't know of any other investment that has a greater return. By the way, if you joined for two years, your daily cost would be LESS THAN 12 cents! So, please read on to see what we offer for so little.

Access by password to over 100 signing and closing companies in need of your signing services.

We offer learning material on "How to build a mobile notary business", "How to work with Signing and Closing Companies", different loan documents you will encounter and all at member discounted prices and much, much more.

We market your services to Signing Service Companies, Closing Companies, Title, Escrow, Mortgage, Financial, Lending and the Banking institutions.

Testing and educational material to help you learn more about the Mobile Notary and Signing Agent business and the actual loan documents.

The "Certified Notary Signing Agent" is a certification program designed to help establish a standard in the Loan Document Signing business. The notary is certified in the signing and correct handling of the notarization of loan documents. Companies are looking for professional notaries who have the knowledge and training to complete the Loan Document Signing process. This is not a requirement for membership with NSC, but certainly can enhance your chances for more business at a higher profit (available to Professional Members Only).

We have a Notary Information area that we will keep adding and changing as new information or needs arise.

What is offered to the Professional Member?

See our Membership Benefits page for detailed information on what is available to the Professional Member.

What is offered to the Listing Member?

See our Membership Benefits page for detailed information on what is available to the Listing Member.

How can I increase my chances of being found in the search results?

A great way to promote yourself is by using our nationwide database and your personalized web page. We offer Professional Members five FREE Additional Listings, which are a great way to increase your search results in other cities. Potential clients are searching for Notaries and Signing Agents in areas around you. This is why we offer a way to be discovered in other locations that you service. Professional Memberships may have as many additional listings as they like.

Why is Notary-Services the Best Nationwide Directory?

First, and most important, we help you, the mobile notary or signing agent, to be found by the rapidly growing loan document Signing and Closing Businesses. These companies work directly with mortgage, lending and funding clients.

Second, we help you expand your business by marketing your notary services directly to the signing and closing businesses, title and escrow companies, financial and banking institutions and the general public. These companies and general population are in need of your notary services, both locally and nationally. By having a national directory listing and web page with notary-services, you will be visible to the previously mentioned businesses and general public. You have the opportunity to be contacted by these signing and closing companies and financial institutions. This can create business for you, the mobile notary or signing agent, which you haven't been exposed to until now!

Can anyone search for a notary or signing agent on your web site?

Our "Open Nationwide Directory" is for everyone to find a notary or signing agent.

  • Certified Notary Signing Agents trained and certified mobile notaries or signing agents (Professional Members ONLY)
  • Mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents
  • Notary Public and Mobile Notary Public
Our "Find a Notary" is being utilized by the Signing and Closing Companies, Title and Escrow Companies, Financial and Lending Companies and the General Public in all 50 states to locate notaries for loan document signings.

What is a "Signing Agent"?

The Signing Agent was virtually unknown before the 1990's. Borrowers were expected to travel to the office of a lender, escrow agent or title firm to complete a loan. However, during the past decade, increasing competition in the lending market, a massive volume of refinancing and home-equity loans and demand for faster, more customer-friendly services changed how loan transactions are concluded. Lenders now strive to make transactions as simple as possible and reduce a borrower's travel time during the work week.

Instead of having the borrower travel to an office to sign the closing documents for a loan transaction, lenders sought ways to bring the documents to the borrower. The use of Notary Signing Agents to deliver loan documents allows a borrower to complete a mortgage transaction without pressure and without having to travel outside his or her own home, as well as providing a trusted third party to identify signers, notarize documents and aid in deterring fraud. Notaries are already required by law to display a high level of honesty and integrity in their work, providing lenders with confidence to use them as trustworthy agents. Because Notaries are available in every state in the nation, it makes it easier for lenders to locate a Notary Signing Agent convenient to a borrower's location."

What is a "Notary Signing Agent"?

A Notary Signing Agent is the Notary Public that presents the loan documents to the borrowers. The Notary Signing Agent points to key features and information on the documents and secures proper signatures, after verifying identity. The Notary Signing Agent can answer only "What questions" but not questions that pertain to "Why." After the signing is completed, the Notary Signing Agent notarizes the appropriate documents in the loan package.

What is a "Certified Notary Signing Agent"?

A "Certified Notary Signing Agent" is an individual Notary Public that has his or her training and testing completed with Notary Learning Center. We use a "Certified Notary Signing Agent" logo on the signing agent's web page to denote that they are a "Certified Notary Signing Agent". Companies and the public can see at a glance that they are knowledgeable and competent with the documents and signing procedures.

Who should get the "Notary Public Background Check"?

Many real estate title companies are or will be requiring that notary signing agents submit to criminal background checks. We have detailed information on the Notary Learning Center Background Check Screening page.

What is a “Closing Agent”?

Closing agents can be working for the lender, escrow, title and/or closing service company, etc. A closing agent actually performs the closing process which includes disbursement of funds, the issuing of title insurance, if applicable and recording of the deed. In addition, the closing agent, if a notary, can also notarize the applicable documents in the loan package. With the expansion of lenders requirements across the nation, the need for a "mobile notary or signing agent" was developed.

What Business Ethics should be followed by notaries and signing agents?

  • To always adhere to the highest standard of quality in the performance of your day-to-day application of duties and responsibilities as a notary public. This role you are performing is an important public service to your state.
  • The Notary Signing Agent can answer all "What questions" but not questions that pertain to "Why". Do not give advice or offer a personal opinion regarding the loan terms and conditions, or about the parties involved in the transaction. Always defer to the Loan Officer or Closing Agent.
  • To always conduct yourself in a professional manner as to bring honor and respect to your position.
  • Always handle all information that is given to you, or that you are exposed to, with the highest level of confidentiality to ensure integrity in all aspects of the service you provide.
  • Regard all people as you would like to be regarded and maintain fairness, respect and equality.
  • Keep your client updated as to the status of the loan signing at all times. Inform your client immediately of any changes, concerns or requests made by the borrowers.
  • Perform the loan signing in a reliable and professional manner. Always pay close attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Return loan documents to the parties as instructed in a timely manner. Be sure to make every effort to send the documents out, via the designated carrier, by the earliest available pick-up time.
  • You should always be honest, ethical and strive to do your very best.

What is a Signing or Closing Company?

  • A company who subcontracts signing appointments to "Notary Signing Agents" (Notary Public) for signing of loan documents and notarization. The sole purpose of this company is to act as a "Go-between company, between the client and the notary public".
  • A company who finds qualified "Notary Signing Agents" and coordinates the signing and notarization process for their clients.
  • A company whose services can be local, statewide, multi-state or nationwide.

What is available to me at the Notary Learning Center web sites?

The Notary Learning Center offers easy to follow step-by-step instructions on becoming a notary public or renewing your existing commission. Additionally, we offer the notary signing agent special training, certification and testing, as well as thorough background screening. Our California Notary Exam website provides information about the mandatory classes and state exam, offered to notaries in the State of California. The Notary's Store offers professional notary supplies to all 50 states, making it as easy as possible to order high quality products meeting all State requirements.

RESOURCES at the Notary Learning Center
Frequently Asked Questions
Rescission Calendar
Notary Links
Notary Library
Notary Glossary
Mortgage Glossary

What are the Business Opportunities for Notaries and Signing Agents?

The Notary Signing Agent has many opportunities available for business besides the Signing and Closing Companies, but they are a very good place to start. There are several other employment opportunities available to notaries that you may not be aware of. The list below touches briefly on some of the opportunities available.

Notary Business Opportunities

  • Real Estate Lending - Loan Document Signing
  • General Business
  • Legal Profession
  • Courts and Judiciary
  • Financial Planners
  • Banking, Credit Unions and Savings and Loans
  • Retirement Facilities
  • Hospital and Convalescent Facilities
  • Long Term Care and Hospice Facilities

Notary Specialty Opportunities

  • Immigration Certification and Training
  • Confidential Marriages (California)
  • Wedding Officiant (Florida, South Carolina and Maine)
  • Celebrity Memorabilia
  • Autograph Authentication - certifying identity
  • Traffic Court Testing (California)

Complementary Business Opportunities to supplement your notary income (these do not require notarization work)

Fingerprinting Services

Residential Services

  • Field Inspection Services
  • Foreclosure Interviews
  • Delinquency Interviews
  • Occupancy Verification
  • Bankruptcy Inspections
  • Abstractor - Title Company

Commercial Services

  • Merchant Credit Card Account Site Verification
  • Vehicle Delinquency Interviews
  • Asset Audits and Verification
  • Business Inspection and Verification

Why should I purchase and use the software program "NotaryAssist®"?

An easy way to a more successful business and less stressful life! NotaryAssist® integrates all the key Notary business and scheduling functions you need into one easy-to-use system. Everything from keeping track of assignments, expenses and billing, to scheduling your workday and getting driving directions - features tailor-made just for Notaries and Signing Agents. NotaryAssist® will save you time, so you can concentrate on making your business grow.

Software Features:

  • Schedule Manager - Easily book and organize your assignments.
  • Assignment Information - Record and access important information about your signers, locations, mileage, expenses and more.
  • Account Invoices - Handily print or e-mail invoices to make sure you get paid on time.
  • Business Expenses - Quickly input, track and analyze your expenses and keep them in check.
  • Contacts and Contract Employers - Allows quick data entry and access to important client and contact information.
  • Driving Directions - A single click links to MapQuest® and fills in the MapQuest® fields with starting and ending locations.
  • Income, Accounts Receivable, Expense and Tax Reports - Track your business with instant access to summaries on income, expenses, mileage, taxes and more.
  • Automatic Updates - Built in self-updating feature, when a new version is available. It is automatically downloaded and you are notified that a new version is available and ready to install.
  • Backup and Restore - Maintenance feature for backing up your NotaryAssist® database in case of hardware problems.

We invite you to view a demo of NotaryAssist®.

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